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Conductive paper

This is a graphite (maybe but it may not be!) coated paper with a resistance of between 2000 and 3000 ohms per square metre.

If it is carbon then carbon has a resistivity of about 3.5x10-5 ohm metres. This means that a one metre cube of carbon would have a resistance of 3.5x10-5 ohms.

Now our paper has a resistance of say 2500 W per metre square and so we can make a guess at the thickness.

Using the equation:

Resistivity = [resistance x cross sectional area]/length = [resistance x thickness x width]/length

We will put length = 1 m, width = 1 m and resistivity = 3.5x10-5 ohm metres

This means that we get for the thickness:

Thickness = 3.5x10-5/2500 = 1.4x10-8 m = 1.4x10-5 mm.

Seems rather small to me. Maybe the coating is not pure graphite at all. (It isn't).

Apparently the paper is coated with a graphite-based material and the suppliers will not tell them what the material is. I reckon it must have a higher resistivity than carbon and this makes it a thicker covering.

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