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Magnetic fields

A scale of values on the Earth and throughout the Universe

(a) the magnetic field of the human heart 0.05 nT
(b) in the Galaxy 0.5 nT
(c) in the Crab nebula 1 mT
(d) Earth's magnetic field 18 mT
(e) surface of the Sun 20 mT
(f) surface of Jupiter 400 mT
(g) small permanent magnet in a lab 0.1 T
(h) large permanent magnet in a lab 1 T
(i) deflecting magnets in LHC (CERN Geneva) 0.5 T
(j) MRI scanner 2 T
(k) JET fusion reactor magnetic confinement 3.45 T
(l) superconducting solenoid 20 T
(m) white dwarfs 100-10 000 T
(n) near a pulsar (rotating neutron star) 100 million T
(o) near a magnetar (a special type of neutron star) 10 000 million T
© Keith Gibbs 2011