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Equations of motion
Distance travelled space s space measured in metres (m)
Time taken spaceaispacetspacet measured in seconds (s)
The velocity at the start (called initial velocity) u measured in m/s
The velocity at the end (called the final velocity) v measured in m/s
The acceleration of the object a measured in m/s2

1. Motion with constant velocity
Distance (s) = velocity (u or v) x time (t) space s = vt

2. Accelerated motion
Acceleration (a) = [change in velocity]/time = [v-u]/t spaceor space a = [v-u]/t
Another version: space v = u + at
s = ut + at2 spacev2 = u2 + 2as

Accelerated motion with zero initial velocity
s = at2 spacev2 = 2as
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